IT’S HOT!!!!! SPECIAL EDITION OC Bike Garage Camelbak INSULATED Water Bottles Are In!
August 15th, 2017



They are here!!!!!
OCBG Exclusive Limited Edition Camelback Insulated Water Bottles!!!

Enjoy your icy cold water for waaaaay longer, they’re AMAZING!!!!!!

Once you try one of these you will never want to go back to a standard water bottle :)

Join us for the Non Dot event on August 5th 2017! Look forward to seeing you there!
July 20th, 2017


Mountain Bike Race in Aliso Woods

Race #3: Aliso & Wood Canyon Wilderness Park & Laguna Niguel Regional Park

August 2017 Advanced Bicycle Mechanics Class Announced! Sign Up Today
July 19th, 2017

OC Bike Garage is excited to announce our next class for 2017!

Please call (949) 916-0960  to sign up,we are limiting all the classes to only 5 students per class so everyone has a work station and a bike stand. All classes will be booked on a first come, first served basis, so please sign up ASAP, classes are filling up quickly!

We encourage all students to bring the bike they own that either:

#1 They ride the most

#2 Needs the most work


#3 All of the Above

And please bring a sweatshirt and dress warm, especially in the winter. It can get cold in our warehouse!

****Please let us know if you are planning on bringing in a single speed bike. For the Complete Bicycle Mechanic Series we recommend a geared bike.

Please call to register, and feel free to call me with any questions at (949) 916-0960 .

Thank you,



Workshop Classes

The OC Bicycle Service & Garage’s workshop classes guarantee hands on, detailed classes. Each student will work using all the equipment and tools needed. Being a Park Tool Certified School, each student gets a certificate of completion with each class. Cory Clayton, chief instructor of the courses, will answer any and all of your questions and provide assistance throughout the course.

Each student is provided a work station and stand. Best part about the class, you will learn using work stations you can come back to and use to work on your bike; familiarity is half the battle.

Requirements: BRING YOUR BIKE and a willingness to learn! You will get dirty, so please dress accordingly. No makeup classes are offered due to the intensity of the course, please make sure the class times fit your schedule. PLEASE NOTE:  DRESS WARM! Especially if you are taking one of the night courses.


The course includes a Park Tool Repair Book.

Things to consider: Tools are expensive, we like students to be aware of that fact so that you don’t get too shocked; However we have great deals on tools for students! This is also why we created three fully stocked work bench station rentals as a cost effective option.





Complete BICYCLE Mechanic CLASS series

Who Will Benefit:
Home Mechanics
Intermediate Mechanics

Unless you have performed successful small bike repairs on your own and have a general understanding of bike repair, we request you take the Intro to Bicycle Safety & Repair Course prior to taking this course.

What You Will Learn

Students will get an overview of the entire bike, and get a hands-on close up view and an understanding of your bike and its components. Students will complete a full bike tune up, adjusting components. This course will truly make you a self-sufficient cyclist, enabling you to perform most of the common procedures carried out on a day to day basis by bike shop mechanics. The information presented is applicable to all types of bicycles and it is also a great introductory class for anyone who would like a more thorough foundation.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Brake System Adjustment and Maintenance
  • Cable and Housing Maintenance
  • Derailleur System Adjustment and Maintenance
  • Hub Overhaul
  • Bearing Service
  • Crankset Removal
  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul
  • Headset Bearing Service
  • Stem and Handlebars
  • Wheel Truing
  • Rear Sprockets, Removal & Cleaning
  • Cranksets: Checking for bearing play, Pedal Replacement
  • Derailleur Systems:  Front/ Rear Der. Functions, Rear Der. Indexing, Limit Adjust. Checks, Front Der. Placement
  • Brake Systems: Caliper Adjustments, Replacements, Rotor Attachment, Cable Systems, Lubrication, Adjusting Pads
  • Handlebars, Stems, Saddles & Seat Posts: Installation, Fit and Adjustment
  • Headsets: Function, Types, Adjustment/ Check for Play

Total of 9 Hours, (3) three hour sessions. Limit 5 people 

Cost: $200 (includes Park Tool Bicycle Repair Book!)

Tuesdays, August 8th, 15th & 22nd  2017  6:30-9:30pm.

Fourth Of July is Almost Here!
June 28th, 2017

Get your bike tuned up and ready to enjoy in the beautiful holiday weather!


May 12th, 2017
May is Bike Month and the Orange County Transportation Authority is proud to support this with events hosted throughout the month! Come out and join the fun!
On Thursday, May 18 from 7:30 AM – 8:45 AM OCTA will be hosting their annual OCTA Bike Rally. They meet at Orange Metrolink Station and do a slow-paced group ride through Old Town Orange and the Santiago Creek Trail. All riders receive a free Bike Month T-Shirt!
You can find our more information on the Bike Rally and Bike Month at :

OCTA Bike Event

Blackstar Canyon Ride!!!!
March 1st, 2017

Meet at the gate 6:45pm Wednesday 3/1/17


Weekly Group Rides!!!!
January 31st, 2017

Wednesday Mountain Bike Ride!!
@ The Luge
Meet at Cooks Corner 6:30pm.
Lights Required.
No Drop Ride!!