One Hit Wonder: $50.00 Single Speed Bike Tune Up
The Jam Tune Up: $60.00  Adjustment of Hubs, Bottom Bracket, Headset, Der. & Brake Adjustments
The Grunge Tune Up: $80.00 Jam Tune Up Plus Wheel Truing & General Cleaning
The Showtunes Tune Up: $125.00 Grunge & Jam Tune Up Plus Full Removal & Cleaning of Drive Train
The Rockstar Tune Up: $250.00 Showtunes Tune Up Plus Fork & Shock Rebuilds & Brake Bleeding

Build Bike From Box: $60.00 Standard For Most New Bike Builds Or Rebuild Bike After Shipping
Probuild: $175.00 Complete Build From The Frame Up, Including Chasing & Facing of Frame
Frame Swap: $160.00  Moving Parts From One Frame to Another

Der. Adjustment: $15.00 Front Or Rear Derailleur Adjustment
Straighten Der. Hanger: $20.00 Remove Derailleur From Frame & Straighten Hanger, Plus Re-adjustment
Der. Install: $20.00 Install Derailleur
Install Der. Hanger: $15.00 Remove & Replace Derailleur Hanger

Flat Fix: $10.00 Install Tube Or Tire
Install Tubeless Tire: $15.00 Install Tubeless Tire
Install Tubular Tire: $40.00 Mounting Tubular Tire

Brake Adjustment: $15.00 Adjust V or Road Brake
Disc Brake Adjustment: $20.00 Adjust Disc Brake
Bleed Disc Brake: $30.00 Bleed Disc Brake,  Plus Brake Fluid
Install Disc Brake: $40.00 Install Disc Brake, Including Mounting Rotor On Wheels, Cutting Hose & Bleed
Replace Brake Pads: $15.00 Remove Old Pads and Replace With New For V Brake Or Road
Replace Brake Pads w/ Tune Up: $5.00
Replace Disc Pads: $20.00 Replace disc Pads & Re-Set Caliper To New Pads
Replace Disc Pads w/ Tune Up: $10.00
Install Standard Brake: $20.00 Installation & Adjustment of V Or Road Style Brakes
Install Standard Brake w/ Tune Up: $10.00

Chain Install: $10.00 Install Chain & Cut To Proper Length
Cassette Install: $10.00 Remove & Install Cassette
Chain Ring Install: $20.00 Chain Ring Install

Crank Install: $25.00 Install New Crank & Bottom Bracket
Headset Install: $25.00 Install Or Replace Headset
Headset Adjustment: $10.00 Adjust Headset Tension
Headset Overhaul: $25.00 Remove & Clean, Degrease & Regrease Headset
Ream & Face Headset: $30.00 Ream out head tube to proper diameter and face top and bottom completely flat
Bottom Bracket Install: $25.00 Install Bottom Bracket & Crank
Bottom Bracket Adjustment: $15.00 Set Bottom Bracket To Proper Tension
Bottom Bracket Overhaul: $25.00 Remove & Clean, Degrease & Regrease Bottom Bracket
Face & Chase Bottom Bracket: $30.00 Re-Cut The Threads In The Bottom Bracket & Face the Left and right of Bottom Bracket Shell Completely Flat

Wheel True With Spoke: $25.00 Remove Tire & Other Necessary Parts To Install Spoke & True Wheel
Wheel True: $15.00 Straighten Wheel
Wheel Build: $60.00 Build Complete Wheel


Adjust Front Hub: $10.00 Reset Front Hub to Proper Tension
Adjust Rear Hub: $15.00 Reset Rear Hub to Proper Tension
Hub Overhaul: Front: $20.00 Rebuild Front Hub w/ Cleaning and Fresh Grease
Hub Overhaul Rear: $25.00 Rebuild Rear Hub w/ Cleaning and Fresh Grease


Rebuild Suspension Fork: $60.00 Rebuild Suspension Fork w/Full Cleaning and New Oil
Rear Shock Rebuild: $30.00 Rebuild Rear Shock w/Full Cleaning and New Oil

Shifter Overhaul: $20.00 Clean and Rework the Inner Gears of a Shifter
Replace Cable: $15.00 Replace Cable, Cut Housing & Adjust Brake or Derailleur
Install Cable W/ Tune Up: $10.00 Replace Cable, Cut Housing & Adjust Brake or Derailleur
Replace All Cables: $50.00 Replace All Cables, Cut Housing & Adjust Brake or Derailleur
Tape Handle Bars: $20.00 Wrap Cork Tape on Road Handlebars
Install Grips: $5.00 Grip Installation


Cut Fork Steerer
(w/ removal)
Cut Fork Steerer: (Fork Only) $10.00
Install New Fork: $40.00


Box Bike for Shipping: $60.00 Disassemble Bike & Pack for Shipping
Bike Fit: Mini: $25.00 Standard Fit Rider to Bike
Bike Fit Pro: $100.00 Fit Rider to Bike Including Comprehensive Riding Style Adjustments
Computer Install: $10.00 Install Riding Computer on Bike
Computer Install w/ Cadence: $20.00 Install Riding Computer on Bike w/ Cadence
Install Child Seat: $20.00 Install Child Seat on Bike
Install Kickstand: $5.00
Install Training Wheels $10.00
Install Pedals: $5.00
Install Rear Bike Rack: $15.00